ODESEN is located at Wekso, on the banks of the Teribe River. Wekso is home to La Amistad International Park headquarters, place formerly known as Panajungla, training center in the jungle of the disappeared Panama Defense Forces.

Regional Map


To reach Weckso, you must first get to Changuinola, center of the banana region in the province of Bocas del Toro.

By plane: Panamanian airline Air Panama flight Changuinola to Panama City (1 hour), with several daily flights. From the capital you can connect anywhere in the world through Tocumen Airport. Nature Air, Costa Rican domestic airline connect San José with the city of Bocas del Toro in the archipelago of the same name, three times a week.

By car: You can get to the province of Bocas del Toro from Panama City and David, on the Panamerican Highway. Both cities have bus services that travel to Changuinola. If traveling by car, there are 170 kilometers from David and 600 kilometers from Panama City. Riding on the Panamerican Highway is to leave the road at the entrance of Gualaca, about 10 kilometers before David, and after that village face the roads Gualaca-Punta and Punta Peña-Changuinola, where you will see some spectacular scenery during the crossing of the mountains. The roads mentioned are completely paved and in good condition.

You also can travel from San Jose, Costa Rica either by bus or by car, crossing the border Sixaola-Guabito or the one in Paso Canoas.

Finally, for those coming from the islands, take a water taxi from Bocas del Toro to Almirante and ground transportation (taxi or bus) between Almirante and Changuinola.

From Changuinola, take a taxi or a bus to the village of El Silencio, Teribe riverside, where you board a boat in the direction of Wekso. The trip upriver takes about 45 minutes to an hour, while the return, down the river, takes about 20 minutes. It is essential to make reservations before traveling to Wekso to be received at El Silencio.