The Manakin Ecological Center of ODESEN, is located at Siey Kjing, in the buffer zone of La Amistad International Park (PILA), within the Palo Seco Protected Forest (BPPS). In the forest you can find many species of flora like varieties of orchids, and animals, like monkeys and birds of different species including migratory ones.

Regional Map


To get to Sieykjing, you must first reach Changuinola, the most important city in the province and the center of its banana zone. Our Manakin ODESEN Ecological Center is located in the buffer zone of La Amistad PILA International Park, within the BPPS Palo Seco protective forest.

By plane: The Panamanian airline Air Panama connects Changuinola with Panama City (1 hour), with several daily frequencies. From the capital it is possible to connect with any part of the world through the Tocúmen Airport. The Costa Rican airline Nature Air links the city of Bocas del Toro, in the archipelago of the same name, with the city of San José, Costa Rica, three times a week.

By Land: The province of Bocas del Toro can be reached from the cities of Panama and David, via the Pan-American Highway. From both cities there are bus services that will leave you in Changuinola. If you travel by car, it is 170 kilometers from David and 600 kilometers from Panama City. Traveling along the Pan-American Highway, you must deviate at the entrance to Gualaca, about 10 kilometers before reaching David and after said town, face the Gualaca-Punta Peña and Punta Peña-Changuinola highways, where you will be able to appreciate some spectacular landscapes during the crossing of the range. The mentioned roads are fully paved and are in good condition.

You can also travel from San José, Costa Rica either by bus or by car, crossing the border at Sixaola-Guabito or Paso Canoas.

Finally, for those who come from the archipelago, you must take a sea taxi between Bocas del Toro and Almirante and land transportation (taxi or bus) between Almirante and Changuinola. The arrival of the visitor will be accompanied by a guide either from the Sixaola/Guabito border or the Changuinola International Airport as well as the Port of Almirante.

From Changuinola, take a taxi or a bus to the town of El Silencio, on the banks of the Tjër river, Naso (Teribe) goddess, where you board a van in the direction of Bonyic port. From there the boat trip upriver takes about 45 minutes to an hour to Sieykjing, while the return downriver takes about 30 minutes. It is essential to make reservations before traveling to Bonyic in order to be received at the port of that community.